Meditation Instructions

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Meditation Instructions for Peer-Led Meditation Groups

This “script” was developed for groups who do not have an experienced meditation instructor available. It presumes the attendees are sitting in chairs. The leader can read the following at the beginning of the meditation portion of the meeting.

We meditate for (length of the meditation should be determined by group consensus) ___ minutes. I will read the instructions for meditation, then ring the bell. We will continue in silence until I ring the bell again.


Meditation is a combination of relaxation and alertness. Our alertness is expressed bodily by a straight back and relaxation by our shoulders which we can relax. Seated in our chairs, we have our feet flat on the floor and our hands in our lap in whatever position is comfortable. Our eyes should be down at a 45 degree angle. They can be open or closed, whichever is most comfortable.

We let ourselves breathe through the nostrils with our mouth closed. But we let the muscles around our jaw and our eyes loosen and relax. Our scalp muscles can relax as well as those in our shoulders and upper back. Gradually our whole body settles and is still.

Mentally, we can follow our breath by counting the exhales silently from one to ten. If we lose count, we just start over at one. Or we can use a sound, a mantram, like Ohm or another word that means something to us, like “peace” or “joy,” or we can use the name of our Higher Power, like “Allah,” or “Jesus,” or “Grandmother.” We can also experiment with visualizations that mean something to us, like a mountain, or a tree or an open vista. These are all called anchors, that is, they are the point of our focus while sitting still. When we notice we have been distracted, we just say to ourselves “Thinking” and return to the anchor. We will be distracted from time to time, this is part of the process of meditation: focus on the anchor, drift into distraction, notice and return to the anchor. Focus, drift, notice and return–this is it. No judging of self or of others just focus, drift, notice and return.

Ring the bell and, after the agreed-on time has passed, ring again to end the session.

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