Who We Are

Plum Mountain Buddhist Community is a collection of spiritual eccentrics who are trying to practice the methods of the historical Buddha. We practice in a mixed tradition that is based on the Pali canon and the Theravadin traditions that surround the historical Buddha’s original teachings.

Thay Kobai Whitney in front of Rosemary Cottage - Image by Kelly HogaboomThay Kobai Whitney is the spiritual director of Plum Mountain and conducts meditation classes in the coastal, Grays Harbor area of Washington as well as leading retreats around the Northwest. He especially works with marginalized people who do not feel comfortable in other spiritual communities:  people in 12-Step programs, those recovering from prison or homelessness, domestic violence or loss of a loved one.

Thay Kobai has many years of Zen training under Issan Dorsey in San Francisco and Robert Aitken Roshi in Hawaii.

Our community tries to work on social justice projects along with other faith communities in the northwest. We work especially with the marginalized and the recovering–from trauma, homelessness, divorce, domestic violence and losses of various sorts. In the Olympia and Grays Harbor areas we partner with the 12-Step communities, with jails, prisons and with services for the hungry and the mentally ill.

Our sangha members are committed to the idea that all beings wake up as we ourselves seek out our illumination through practice of the Way of mindfulness and compassion.

We meet every Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. @ 516 West Cushing Street Aberdeen, WA 98520. [Directions].

Beginners and people of any, or no faith are welcome.

We also do a one-day retreat each month. Check the Events page for what we have planned.

We especially welcome people in recovery from various things, including substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence or other forms of trauma.

Thay Kobai also leads retreats inside and outside prisons around the West Coast.

Plum Mountain Refuge
516 W. Cushing St.
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Phone: (360) 581-1469

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